STONE Paving W3 Sealer

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  • KEEP YOUR PAVING AND PATIO CLEAN: Forget regular pressure washing of your paving to keep it clean. The nanoSystem will apply a powerful water-repellent and stay-clean impregnation to your stone keeping it clean and free from dirt staining, algae, lichen and more! Just spray, brush, and leave to dry!

  • COMPLETELY INVISIBLE PROTECTION: After drying, the protective sealer is completely invisible and does not cause any discolorations. The coating is abrasion and UV resistant, yet remains breathable. What's more, it leaves no sticky silicon or wax residue - none of that with our nanoSystem!

  • SUITABLE FOR MANY NATURAL STONES & CONCRETE: This great water-repellent is perfect for a multitude of natural stone and concrete, like sandstone, limestone, granite, basalt and more! 

  • UP to 5 YEAR LONG PROTECTION: Not only does the nanoSystem protect stone, extending its lifespan, it does so for a long time, too! It will take up to 5 years before the protection will need a reapplication!

  • ECO-FRIENDLY & COST-EFFECTIVE: 125ml/m2-250ml/m2, water based, contains no solvents, VOCs or Fluorocarbons. The nanoSystem STONE W3 can do more than you probably realize. Keep your paving clean, protect from damage, protect the environment, save money! By preventing stains on your paving, it can extend the life and help you use less water and harsh detergents.

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