Product Pricing

Because our product selection is large, product availability and pricing might change before we have an opportunity to update our Web site. Occasionally prices may be inaccurately displayed on our site due to system errors. While we make every attempt to avoid these errors, they may occur. We reserve the right to correct any errors when they do occur. Prices are determined on the date that the goods are charged. We reserve the right to alter the prices quoted on the on-line store in light of fluctuating supply prices, exchange rate movements or for any other reason beyond our reasonable control.

In the event of a pricing error, we reserve the right to cancel any orders relating to such pricing error(s).

Product Availability

Please note that while we offer our entire online catalogue on the website, some products are unable to be shipped to certain countries due to import restrictions. You will be notified of any restricted items in your shopping bag when you proceed to checkout. Due to their contents HazMat products can currently only be shipped in excepted quantities to certain countries within the EU via standard delivery.